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My personal webpage for sharing all my projects and experiences.

Actively Seeking 2024 New Grad Jobs! 😆

About Me

I am a Master Student in Computer Science at Tufts University, currently focusing on computer engineering. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology from ShanghaiTech University, during which I was supervised by Prof. Quan Li in ViSeer Lab and Prof. Shu Yin over SC21 HPC Competition.
As an undergrad RA in Viseer Lab, my routine was about paper reading, designing and developing visual analytics systems, and lots of teamwork.
As a Master student now, I’m developing my full-stack skills further and actively seeking job oppertunities as a SE.
Apart from that, I’m always enthusiastic about trying new projects in all areas. My current interests are SE (Software Engineering), HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) and IoT (Internet of Things). I program mostly in C/C++, Python, H5+C3+JS. Feel free to contact me in English and Mandarine.


2022 - 2024 (expected) M.S. in CS, Tufts University
2018 - 2022 B.E. in CS, ShanghaiTech University

Selected Projects

Internal Database Query Tool C++ Development
Emulator Compiling Optimization Compiler, Research
GNN-based Call Graph Classification Deep Learning/ Data Science
Smart Jetbot based on Nvidia Jetson Nano Full-Stack & Mechanism
Volume Rendering with Interactive Adjustable Transfer Function Computer Graphics
PintOS (from Stanford) Operating System
MOBAVis: Visual Analytics for Real-time Forecasting of MOBA Events Visual Analytics
PPI Prediction Based on Multi-Channel Deep Learning Deep Learning/ Bioinformatics
Card Game: Landlord-Off Artificial Intelligence


BPCoach: Exploring Hero Drafting in Professional MOBA Tournaments via Visual Analytics
Shiyi Liu, Ruofei Ma, Chuyi Zhao, Zhenbang Li, Jianpeng Xiao, Quan Li
(Accepted by CSCW ‘24)

Critique of “A Parallel Framework for Constraint-Based Bayesian Network Learning via Markov Blanket Discovery” by SCC Team from ShanghaiTech University
Guancheng Li; Songhui Cao; Chuyi Zhao; Siyuan Zhang; Yuchen Ji; Haotian Jing; Zecheng Li ; Jiajun Cheng; Yiwei Yang; Shu Yin
(accepted by IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems) SC21_logo

PromotionLens: Inspecting Promotion Strategies of Online E-commerce via Visual Analytics
Chenyang Zhang, Xiyuan Wang, Chuyi Zhao, Yijing Ren, Tianyu Zhang, Zhenhui Peng, Xiaomeng Fan, Xiaojuan Ma, Quan Li
(accepted by IEEE VIS2022)


10/2022 | Winner of 3 prizes in TechTogether Bostion 2022
11/2021 | 2nd Place in SC21, SCC(Students Cluster Competition), with the 1st rank in the Reproducibility Challenge

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